A Deeper Insight Into Medical Hypnotherapy

Medical hypnosis, commonly referred to as hypnotherapy, is a form of treatment that uses intense concentration and guided relaxation in order to help the patient enter a superior state of consciousness known as a “trance”. During the trance, the patient will be able to focus on certain aspects of his life with the help of the trained hypnosis therapist, and simply block all the activity that takes place around him for a limited period of time.

Medical hypnotherapy is performed for a variety of reasons, but generally speaking hypnotherapists aim to help patients overcome trauma or achieve a certain goal. During the therapy, the hypnotherapist can induce certain suggestions that the client will consciously incorporate at the end of the session, and apply them to the daily life. 

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

Nowadays, medical hypnosis is widely used as a therapeutic tool, helping patients change certain aspects of their behavior that they feel uncomfortable with. While some people use hypnotherapy to get rid of vices such as smoking or alcoholism, others use it to help them become more motivated and determined, or to become more goal-oriented. It often happens that specialists who use hypnosis as a form of medical treatment work closely with primary care physicians and other health care professionals.

The exact techniques used during hypnosis depend on the goal the patient is trying to achieve- for instance, the hypnotherapy session may include relaxation techniques for those who are very stressed and tensed, affirmations for those who have high aspirations and want to achieve a certain goal, goal-setting techniques and many others. Medical hypnosis is specifically designed for patients who suffer from a severe condition such as cancer, or for those who are about to undergo a major surgical procedure and who want to mentally project the intervention before it takes place, in order to become more relaxed.

Hypnotherapy can be performed either on a one-on-one basis (individual sessions), or it can take place in small groups or self-hypnosis classes. Also, this form of treatment can benefit the patient on many different levels: it can come in handy for career improvement, for boosting one’s athletic performance, for helping the patient achieve spiritual and personal development, for improving the emotional and mental health and so forth. 

The Mechanism Of Action

Medical hypnotherapy is often an important part of the psychotherapy session, as it allows the patient to go through unpleasant and even painful feelings, memories and emotions found in their subconscious mind, in order to overcome them.

It often happens that medical hypnotherapy is used in conjunction with other medical treatments or therapies in order to overcome fears and phobias, to treat sleep disorders, depression, trauma-triggered anxiety or increased stress. In some cases, hypnosis also comes in handy or patients who have lost somebody dear to their heart, as it helps them cope with the loss.

If you believe that hypnotherapy may be the answer to your problem, then you can always use the services of a skilled, experienced and highly trained professional that specialises in medical hypnotherapy in Wellington.